5 signs your aluminium windows need replacing

5 signs your aluminium windows need replacing

Because they’re part of your office furniture and they’re ‘just there,’ you rarely think about their preservation, but the maintenance of your business’s glazing assets is pivotal for a safe and comfortable workplace – not to mention a healthy bottom line.

At Dortech Maintenance, we know that new aluminium windows are a big investment for any company, so it’s crucial you take stock and inspect them regularly, to avoid any nasty surprises. After all, neglecting them only produces a false economy in the long run.

But, when it comes to tell-tale signs they need replacing, what should you be looking out for? Our team have put together 5 of the most common ‘red flags’, to help you better understand your glazing maintenance needs.


1 – Clear signs of wear-and-tear

We thought we’d get the stating-the-obvious indicator out of the way, not only because it’s the easiest to spot, but it’s most telling one there is!

If you notice your window frame is warped or damaged – anything from cracks and scratches, to holes and chips – or is different in any way since its installation, the likelihood is that it needs replacing.

The truth is that over time, changes in temperature, as well as persistent usage, can impact the window, resulting in it not opening and closing quite as smoothly as it used to – which brings us nicely on to our next point…


2 – Troublesome to open and close

As well as showing obvious physical signs of deterioration, the mechanics of your glazing assets are also key in diagnosing when they’re on their last hinges.

It goes without saying that the opening and closing of a window should be smooth and effortless. After all, nobody wants to cook in an office or hospital during the warm summer months and freeze in winter. But, your company’s windows aren’t just there for temperature regulation, they’re also a crucial security component of your building.

The scary reality is that if your windows don’t open or close properly, their safety level significantly decreases – meaning your commercial property isn’t as protected as it should be. Not to mention them also posing a hazard in the event of needing to use them as an emergency escape route.

Definitely some vital reasons to keep an eye on any aesthetic or mechanical changes with your windows from now on!


3 – Notable draught

As well as checking the window for any apparent breaks or holes, if you run your hand round the frame and notice any air flowing through, you likely have yourself an air-flow problem.

Also, as mentioned above, if it won’t close properly, this could either be a sign that there’s a draught you haven’t yet noticed, or it’s a precursor to related issues further down the line – including making the temperature inside the building much harder to control.


4 – Higher energy bills

As well as the difficulty in heat regulation, cost-effectiveness is also part of the equation when it comes to the impact of old windows.

If the monthly bills arrive and you’re noticing inflated energy expenses, it could be time to get an expert to assess the situation – otherwise, this will continue to negatively affect your property’s insulation potential.

Essentially, the more cool air that’s able to escape in summer – and warm in winter – the harder your central heating or air-conditioning has to work to achieve the desired result. This not only results in a complete waste of energy, but it’s a big dent to your firm’s bottom line that could be avoided. So, keep an eye on those monthly statements!


5 – Seeing condensation in the glass

Last but not least, what if you can see moisture within the window pane itself? While indoor condensation can simply be wiped away, when it comes to vapour between the glass, this is indicative of the seals around the windows no longer being effective.

This can not only reduce the life expectancy of your windows but if left untreated, can develop into more severe water leaks, which will be costlier to address the longer the issue goes on.

If you spot any of these problems arising with your current windows and want some advice, get in touch with our friendly team, who will be happy to help!