Official Jackloc Approved Installer

Official Jackloc Approved Installer

We are immensely proud to announce a new Approved Partner scheme for commercial businesses in the UK, recognising both Approved Installers and Approved Retailers of the Jackloc brand and product range.

We are delighted to announce leading glazing maintenance company Dortech Maintenance as a Jackloc Approved Installer in the new scheme after a fantastic relationship with the brand of over 10 years.

David Hircock, Dortech’s Maintenance Manager stated, “We have used Jackloc window restriction products for a number of years and always find them of the highest quality. It gives great peace of mind to our clients and their end users to know that these products are not only fully developed and manufactured in the UK, but also tested to the most rigorous British standards.

 During our glazing maintenance work, we often see windows that incorporate inferior restriction products, that haven’t been tested to withstand the same forces or usage cycles as Jackloc. These products carry a cheaper up-front cost and don’t offer the same levels of safety or longevity as those manufactured by Jackloc. We recommend quality over cost, every time, particularly when safety is concerned. We are delighted and proud to carry the Jackloc Approved Partner label in the future.”

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