Dortech Maintenance: COVID-19 update

Dortech Maintenance: COVID-19 update

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 changing the lives of business owners on a daily basis, we want to communicate with our past, existing and future clients about what this means for us here, at Dortech Maintenance.

Our Maintenance division is an emergency service, which means we can’t – and won’t – cease operations unless instructed otherwise by the Government.


What does business as usual mean?

We’re still available to help – with the team now working remotely – and we’re here for the country’s sites which need urgent repairs to their commercial glazing units.

While COVID-19 is stopping everyday life as we know it, there will still be hospitals and schools and office buildings, which now, more than ever, need to be in safe working order.

We’re risk assessing every job as it comes in and we have two-man teams going out to the frontline – where it’s safe to do so – and we want companies to know that we’re here for them, whatever their immediate glazing maintenance needs!

Additionally, please know that if social distancing rules restrict our ability to carry out a permanent repair, we will use our well established problem-solving skills and experience to ensure that a temporary, safe solution is implemented, to keep our clients operating and in business – until circumstances allow for a permanent fix.


The impact on the construction industry so far

After the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Monday 23rd March – announcing the new social distancing measures – this has had a negative impact on the construction industry.

We’re seeing many construction sites slowing, and in some cases closing, down, which means that many premises’ maintenance jobs are being left half-finished. We know that while some operations may come to a standstill, some buildings and services cannot – our hospitals need to be stronger than ever to effectively get through the challenges that lie ahead.

Therefore, our skilled Maintenance team is on hand to step in and help any sites in need of emergency glazing maintenance – with all work undertaken strictly adhering to the Government’s and Construction Leadership Council’s guidelines, to prevent the spread of the disease.

Our engineers are provided with all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) – including, but not limited to, face masks, gloves, workwear and anti-bacterial handwash – and are carrying out the outlined social distancing measures.


We’re here for all emergency glazing maintenance needs

It’s no secret that our industry is a hazardous one. The work our team carries out if often at height and the intense size and weight of glazing units – aluminium windows and doors – require specialist equipment to help keep our engineers safe.

While we often work nights and weekends to minimise business disruption, given that many organisations are now operating a remote working policy, we’re now able to bring this work into the daylight and within the week.


Future hopes for the industry

Glazing maintenance is – and will continue to be – a key factor in ensuring the safety of the people either within or passing through a building, as well as to affording the highest level of site security.

If you or someone you know needs their commercial glazing maintenance project starting or finishing, please get in touch with our friendly team of engineers – where safe enough to do so, we’ll help as much as we can!

One last thought from us… With the pandemic the world is facing projected to last at least a few months, it’s vital that people use their common sense and adhere to what the Government is telling the nation – this is the only way to ensure mass safety and show support to our country’s frontline workers. We’re in this together, and together we’ll get through it.


Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, writes for The Sun on Sunday…

“Whether it is the millions of people working from home, or the army of workers in distribution centres, supermarkets, transport, construction and manufacturing across the country, you are all playing your part in keeping Britain moving, so that as a nation we can support our fantastic NHS workers on the frontline of this pandemic”