Dortech Maintenance Ltd Achieves £2 Million Turnover in its first Year!

Dortech Maintenance Ltd, a specialist in fenestration repair and maintenance, proudly announces a monumental achievement – achieving an extraordinary £2 million turnover within its debut year, coupled with an impressive profit of over £400,000 generated by a team of 16 highly skilled glazing maintenance engineers & surveyors. Born from the solid foundations of Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd, a 30-year-old architectural glazing business, Dortech Maintenance Ltd’s inception was a response to increasing demands within the RMI industry and a discernible surge in demand for such services.

The backdrop of this remarkable accomplishment is particularly poignant, as it counters the tide of prevailing economic circumstances. The construction industry and glazing sub-contractors have grappled with a series of obstacles, including soaring material costs, the far-reaching implications of events like Grenfell Tower on the cost of Professional Indemnity Insurance, and a profound shortage of skilled labour. The fallout has seen a number of long-standing companies fail, with the disheartening recent news of the administration of Norman & Underwood, a 200 year old glazing business, serving as a stark reminder of the challenges faced.

Further underscoring its dynamic trajectory, Dortech Maintenance Ltd has recently expanded its operational horizons with the establishment of a strategically positioned new office in Leicester. This move serves as a pivotal step to cater to the burgeoning demand for its services across the Midlands and South of England. 

The company’s approach to addressing market demands doesn’t stop here – with ambitious plans to extend its footprint even further. The imminent future sees the development of a new office in Liverpool, a strategic move aimed at fortifying its influence in the North West region. 

Growing strong from Yorkshire roots, Dortech Maintenance Ltd has achieved a remarkable £2 million turnover in our very first year. Our recent expansion into Leicester marks an exciting step toward serving even more clients in the Midlands and South of England. We’re not stopping there – with our sights set on Liverpool, our momentum keeps moving forward. Our commitment to quality and growth remains unwavering, and we’re excited to keep pushing boundaries in the world of fenestration repair and maintenance.”Dave Hircock, Maintenance Director

At the threshold of its future, Dortech Maintenance Ltd stands as a symbol of unwavering commitment to excellence. With an unrelenting focus on customer satisfaction, complemented by strategic expansions into Leicester and soon Liverpool, the company embarks on a trajectory of growth that mirrors its steadfast approach to addressing market demands.