Dortech Maintenance Ltd’s Stunning New Balcony Door Installation at Deansgate Quay

Deansgate Quay in Manchester – A Luxurious Residential Development

Deansgate Quay in Manchester is a luxurious residential development that offers top-notch quality living accommodations. Recently, Dortech Maintenance Ltd was employed to design, manufacture and install a new balcony door at this prestigious location. The old door was draughty and outdated and the customer was looking for a replacement that would improve performance, functionality and aesthetics.

Dortech Maintenance Ltd – Design, Manufacture and Installation of a New Balcony Door

Dortech Maintenance Ltd’s team of engineers took special consideration to color match the framework with the existing windows at the property, ensuring that the new balcony door blended seamlessly with the rest of the building. This attention to detail is just one example of the professional work carried out by the Dortech Maintenance Ltd team.

Improvements in Performance, Functionality and Aesthetics of the New Aluminium Balcony Door

The new aluminium balcony door has improved the performance of the property significantly. The door is now more energy-efficient and draught-free, providing a comfortable living space for the residents. The new door is also highly functional, making it easy to open and close and ensuring that the balcony is safe and secure.

Special Consideration Taken to Match the Framework with Existing Windows at the Property

In addition to the functional improvements, the new balcony door has also enhanced the aesthetics of the property. The aluminium framework gives a sleek and modern look, which complements the design of the building perfectly.

Customer Delight with Professional Work Carried out by Dortech Maintenance Ltd Engineers

The customer was delighted with the professional work carried out by Dortech Maintenance Ltd. They were impressed with the attention to detail and the level of service provided by the team. The engineers resolved all the issues that the customer had with their previous balcony door and they now have a new fantastic balcony door that meets all their needs.

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In conclusion, Dortech Maintenance Ltd has provided a fantastic service to Deansgate Quay in Manchester, installing a new aluminium balcony door that has improved performance, functionality and aesthetics. If you are looking for a similar service, then contact Dortech Maintenance Ltd today.