Dortech Morning Stretch and Tone – An Employee Wellbeing Initiative

Dortech Morning Stretch and Tone – An Employee Wellbeing Initiative

With the majority of workers in the world today spending eight hours a day at their desks, hypertension, diabetes, and other related illnesses are becoming increasingly common. Particularly as we age, we need to keep moving throughout the day to avoid any potential future health issues.

Employee wellbeing is something we are passionate about here at Dortech. We’ve recently introduced a free-of-charge, non-obligatory morning stretch session, which helps to set our employees up for the day ahead.

Start Your Day in a Positive Manner

Here at Dortech, we’ve recently implemented a new Dortech morning stretching session, which is open to all of our staff members. It’s free to join in and completely optional, and Steven Rodger leads the team at 8:15 am each morning through this gentle wake up stretch. Regardless of anyone’s sex, fitness level, age or flexibility, this 15-minute session offers a positive start to each morning and encourages people to get away from their desks more frequently during the day. Up to 20 employees have been attending each day, and the feedback so far from our staff has been excellent.

Our morning stretch isn’t just about the physical health benefits of moving more often, as it can also have a huge impact on your mental health. There’s no denying that sitting at a desk all day isn’t the most exciting way to spend our lives, but adding a little more movement into your day can boost your mood and improve your happiness. We’ve noticed a quick change to our team’s outlook on life, and this helps to increase both their productivity and efficiency in the office.


Promoting a Healthy Working Culture

The recent pandemic has changed the way that many of us want to spend our lives, and here at Dortech, we are passionate about making our office a healthy and inclusive place to work. Our daily stretching routine not only focuses on the wellbeing of our team but it hopes to bring our employees together and foster a sense of community. Just a few minutes together can really encourage everyone to stay accountable for their health and wellbeing and show that we are all in this together when it comes to looking after our bodies and minds. We try not to make our morning stretch too challenging and just encourage everyone to have fun and push themselves out of their comfort zone. It’s great to see individuals from all parts of the business get together, building new relationships within the company.

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You’ll want to check out our social media accounts, as we’ve also been live-streaming some of these sessions to hopefully inspire other companies to do the same. We hope that in due course, this will become something we see more businesses across the country do. The team at Dortech has offered us some fantastic feedback so far, and many of us really look forward to gathering each morning to set ourselves up for another successful day in the office.