Expert Glass Replacement at Height: How Dortech Maintenance Ltd Ensured Safe and Efficient Glazing Maintenance for the NHS

Dortech Maintenance Ltd is a specialist in glass replacement, and our team of expert engineers recently completed a project for the NHS at Regent Point Gosforth in Newcastle. The work involved identifying and replacing four broken glass units in the building’s façade, with the cause of the breakage identified as nickel sulphide impurities.

Glass breakage due to impurities such as nickel sulphide is a common occurrence as buildings go through temperature cycles throughout the seasons. These impurities expand and contract at different rates to the glass’s composition, leading to breakages as glass is a tensile material.

Our team of engineers developed a safe working methodology to remove and replace the broken glass, considering the safety of the building’s users and pedestrian traffic around the work areas. A safe system of work was developed in collaboration with the client, and the work was carried out on a Sunday to minimise disruption to the building’s users.

Replacing the broken glass units was no small feat, with some of the units weighing over 250 kg and located at various floors in the building. Our expert engineers employed specialist lifting equipment to safely lift and manoeuvre the replacement glass units. We used a high-level crane, specialist mechanical suction lifters, and a spider crane, with all operatives utilizing appropriate PPE equipment to ensure their safety and that of others, including lanyards, harnesses, and cut-resistant gloves.

Our engineers were selected for this project based on their extensive experience and qualifications, including IPAF, PASMA, SSSTS, and working at height qualifications. This ensured that the work was undertaken as safely and efficiently as possible.

The client was delighted with the work carried out by Dortech Maintenance Ltd, which was done at an impeccable quality and incredibly efficiently, within the course of one day. This highlights our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients and ensuring that their glazing maintenance needs are met with minimal disruption to their daily operations.

If you are a building manager, facilities manager, janitor, or maintenance contractor in need of specialist glass replacement at height, Dortech Maintenance Ltd is your go-to solution. Our team of expert engineers has the necessary qualifications and experience to deliver exceptional service, ensuring the safety of all involved while minimising disruption to your daily operations.

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