Frameless Balustrade Installation in Leeds

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Our maintenance team were recently contacted to design and install bespoke balustrading in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We assisted our client in developing the most suitable design to allow him to achieve his design objectives, which included; delineation of property boundaries, preventing people using the driveway as a public footpath, whilst creating something that not only enhanced the property, but provided a seamless, light visual appearance.

From start to finish, the design and delivery of this project was undertaken within one week, with the installation just taking one day to complete!

Our client was delighted with the outcome and stated

“This is a great new addition to my home, not only does it look great, but it now solves a problem that has been causing me a headache for some time. The property boundaries are now visually clear and pedestrians will have to use the footpaths located around the perimeter of the property, instead of going through it. All in all, Dortech Maintenance have done an excellent job here and I would certainly recommend them to others!”