Leak Investigation Work At Star City, Birmingham

Our Maintenance team have just been commissioned to conduct leak investigation works to a high level, 15 year old,  Schueco Rooflight in a retail environment.

The works at Star City, Birmingham, carried out during normal working hours, required the use of specialist access equipment to access the 40 meter glass rooflights. Special consideration had to be given to building occupants and shoppers so the team installed safety barriers around the perimeter of the works .

A water based dye was poured onto the rooflight itself, whilst internal and external observations were made. Some glass units were also temporarily removed.

Our team were able to identify a number of weak point in the installation, including gaskets that had not been properly sealed, pressure plate screws that had insufficient torque, pressure plate gaskets the wrong way around, and transom to mullion connections had not been executed correctly. This information has now been shared with the client and we await further instruction