Synter Group

Automated door maintenance, Leicestershire.

The client on this project had been having ongoing issues with an automated entrance door, which had sustained a significant amount of wear and tear.

The door had lost most of its functionality due to poor maintenance – meaning that the bottom pivot of the unit was degraded and rusty. The extent of damage can sometimes result in the failure of the pivot mechanism – so that the door either doesn’t open or close – and in some extreme cases, the pivot can snap.

The Maintenance team worked to convert the door from an automated entrance to a manual one.

Careful consideration was given to access for people entering and leaving the building and we maintained full accessibility throughout the work. The team also ensured entrance doors remained clean and fully functional. New closers, pivots, top arms and header bars were installed as part of the project.

The client was delighted with the quality of workmanship our engineers delivered and gave us an excellent rating!