Through the looking glass with… Tracey Fairclough

Through the looking glass with… Tracey Fairclough

As part of our newest blog series, we put a different member of the Dortech Maintenance team in the hot seat every month – asking 10 quickfire questions about their role, personality and the world of commercial glazing, all in 10 minutes!

With not long on the clock, they have to be fast! First up, it’s the turn of our bid manager, Tracey Fairclough…

Name: Tracey Fairclough

Job title: Bid Manager

  1. Describe working at Dortech in three words: Varied, challenging and fast-paced.

2. Sum up your typical day in a sentence: I spend my days assessing customer requirements, assisting in providing technical support and solutions – as well as working out the associated costs.

3. Are you an early bird or night owl? I’m definitely more of a night owl!

4. Your favourite Dortech project/site visit to date: The NIA in Birmingham. This involved the removal and replacement of an extremely large and oversized glass unit – using specialist lifting equipment. The procurement, storage, transport and installation of such a big glazing component was a challenge for the whole maintenance team.

5.What’s your favourite driving song? It has to be ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers.

6. What’s one item you couldn’t live without? My car.

7. Tea or coffee? For me, it’s tea all the way!

8. Your favourite sandwich filling? Chicken, stuffing and mayo.

9. How would your colleagues describe you in one word? Feisty

10. If you weren’t a bid manager, what would you like to be?
I’m very creative, so I’d quite like to be an interior designer.