What does your office entrance say about you?


What does your office entrance say about you?

Whether it’s in front of business partners, employees or customers, all companies want to make a great first impression.

And, often one of the first places a prospective client will visit is your headquarters. But, before they even get to the reception or main office area, they’ll park up and make a judgement based on how your building exterior looks.

It’s therefore important that your HQ is looking spick and span if you’re to stick in someone’s mind for all the right reasons. But remember, when it comes to commercial glazing maintenance, just because something ‘looks ok,’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

But what does this have to do with commercial glazing maintenance? Actually, more than you might think…


Let’s talk about doors

From parking up in their reserved space, your visitor will be taking it all in – the sounds, noises and smells of your corporate territory. As they walk towards your building, they won’t be meaning to, but they’ll be weighing up your company – and you’d be surprised what can be gleaned from your doors and windows!

Let’s kick things off with doors though. If any part of your aluminium entrance door looks worn or tired, this can be interpreted as a lack of professionalism. That doesn’t mean because you’ve shown lack of care toward your door that you would treat customers the same way – but an outsider doesn’t know this!


A Glass Act

There are many components of a door, but the glass is one key area where aesthetic issues can easily be spotted by eagle-eyed visitors. Whether it’s a crack or chip in the existing glass, or perhaps there are visible signs of moisture between the panes – whatever the issue – it’s noticeable and can be a bit of an eyesore.

Lock and Roll

If your guest has trouble opening or closing your front-of-house door, they may find this rather off-putting – after all, the door is the mechanism which is essentially ‘welcoming’ them into a building. Therefore, if the process is difficult or embarrassing, they’re likely to remember you for all the wrong reasons. That, and some could even take it personally as a sign they’re not welcome…

A lick of paint

Your door used to be a beautifully vibrant blue – to match your branding, of course – and while it’s a great door which has weathered many a storm, it’s starting to look a little tired and worse-for-wear. Just like you probably wouldn’t head out to work without brushing your teeth or hair, you should never let the paint or spray on your door lose its sparkle – this should be a hygiene factor when it comes to ensuring your business is projecting itself in the best possible light.

Waxing-lyrical about Windows

Equally important in making that first impression count are your aluminium windows – they’re the portal to seeing into our building’s soul, so if they’re looking a little grimy or warped, you’re probably not going to score 10/10 on looks alone.

From a distance, guests may not be able to see any apparent defects, but as they edge closer and step inside the building, that’s when cracks – and gaps – can really start to show.

Pane-ful impressions


As with doors, the glazing parts of your windows are the pièce de résistance – the deliverers of light on those bright summer days, and the chillier wintry ones! So, above all, it’s crucial they operate correctly and look as good, and as clean, as they can. If they’re also suffering from condensation, this could mean they’re leaking – and water is pooling inside the frames – or it could be a sign of things to come if not repaired soon.

Ditching the Draught

One of the last things you want someone to feel when visiting your premises is too cold. If your windows are old, or if any of the mechanics are broken – think hinges and seals – then you may be prone to experiencing airflow round your window frame. Not only does this mean your visitor is likely to keep their coat on, but it can convey a sense of poor quality and lack of attention to detail – which let’s face it, no business wants to be attributed with.

Safety Reigns Supreme

If your aluminium windows don’t lock correctly, or at all, this could suggest that your firm is rather lax when it comes to both the safety of its staff and the security of its commercial assets – not good. You could also look a little silly if you’re fighting to open or close a window in the middle of an important meeting – with your professionalism the first thing to go out of it.

In truth, all these points can relate to many different properties – including shops, universities, hospitals and schools – not just offices. So, it’s important to reflect on what your building’s entrance says about you.

Are you slick and secure, or are you a safety hazard waiting to happen? Either way, it’s crucial to have a commercial glazing maintenance plan in place – that way, you can have peace of mind that you’re not only impressing people who visit your HQ, but you’re getting the most from your installations, and your bottom line isn’t suffering either.