Dortech Maintenance reaches new heights with drone technology

Dortech Maintenance reaches new heights with drone technology

Dortech Maintenance reaches new heights with drone technology

Anyone who knows us here at Dortech Maintenance, realises we’re committed to delivering the best service to our customers. This – coupled with our passion for innovation and all-things tech – has led to us investing in drone technology, to use when surveying the maintenance needs of a building.

Why have we decided to launch surveys by drones?

There’s sometimes nothing wrong with sitting still and doing things ‘how they’ve always been done’, but we’re firm believers that to remain ahead of the curve, you’ve got to be prepared to search for ways to improve processes.

Adding drones to our current maintenance mix, and training our fleet of engineers as pilots, enables us to investigate building issues much more time and cost-effectively – without the need for using mobile elevating work platforms. The team will be able to obtain inspection imagery in real time, so they can communicate quickly with the customer about any issues which may need resolving.

What are the benefits of drones for the team?

As well as improving the overall customer service provision, the equipment will make our engineers’ lives better too – especially regarding safety.

Our industry is a high-hazard one, which means our employees are regularly soaring high above the world below. But sometimes, the jobs aren’t straightforward – i.e. if there is a fragile or inaccessible façade. The new kit will be able to access those hard-to-reach places tall building roofs, thus allowing our specialists to diagnose the problem from ground level.

Also, for buildings which are listed, the drone assessment will provide a much less invasive diagnostic process – ideal for sites of a more sensitive and historic nature.

Another major benefit is the real-time photography and videos we can obtain. This footage can be shared amongst our engineers, surveyors or system surveyors at the same time of inspection – making the process much slicker and time-savvy when deciding on the next steps.

Dortech Maintenance - drone-led building surveys

How will drones help our clients?

In truth, time and money savings are two key advantages for our customers. Often our work is time-critical and carrying out a job can frequently require road closures or working out of hours. However, with a drone being able to provide detailed preliminary data before our work takes place, this will drastically impact the duration and cost of the project – making it much more cost-effective for the client.

While our customers are at the heart of everything we do here, we’re also a company that cares about its ‘greenness’. And, another advantage of us using the drones is that, with less equipment and transport required in the early stages of surveying, we’re reducing our carbon footprint.

What’s next?

Our engineers are undergoing training, before the drone will be deployed in real-life scenarios that the team are faced with. So, stay tuned for further updates on our blog and social media channels for a sneak peek at some of this exciting footage!

If you have any questions, or would like to chat to our friendly team, please contact 01484 451177or email Also, make you give us a follow on Twitter!