Glazing Maintenance to Auto Trader, Manchester

Our site engineers successfully devised a way of removing the in-situ glazing, curtain wall framing and

Dortech Maintenance was recently contacted by Claremont Group to carry out works for Auto Trader in Manchester. Our Engineers were asked to devise a method of craning six vehicles into display areas on the 4th and 5th floor of their new head office.

The head office in Number One, First Street Manchester has been refurbished to accommodate 600 Autotrader staff, who have been relocated from a number of other local sites.

surrounding rainscreen cladding panels to allow this to be achieved.

Attention was paid to removing the glass safely using specialist glass lifting equipment, lorry mounted cradles and cranes. Some of the glass units removed were approximately 2.5 meters high and 1.5 meters wide, weighing in excess of 130Kg each. To compound this, the glass units to the highest floor were over 20 meter high from finished floor level.

glazing refurbishment work was achieved very successfully, within a very tight time frame. No panes of glass were broken in the process and all glazing was reinstalled to its original state. The works had to be sequenced with the ‘craning in’ of vehicles and was complete within a staggering three day time frame.

The client was incredibly happy with Dortech Maintenances performance, costs and technical competence. Dortech’s Maintenance Manager was pleased with the installation and stated;

“The biggest challenge was to remove the curtain wall grid which ran uninterrupted vertically and in some instances behind the terracotta rainscreen cladding. Coupled to this, our works had been sequenced before and after the lifting operation of the the vehicles, therefore there was absolutely no room for error. I am pleased with my teams performance and the client is obviously delighted with what we have enabled them to achieve.”