Harrogate Police Station Glass Replacement

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Two of our gangs were engaged to undertake a complex glass replacement project, located at Harrogate Police Station.

The works entailed the removal of horizontal brise soleil fins in order to gain access to the broken glass, installation of new glass units and re-installation of the brise soleil after the works had been completed.

The glass broken as a consequence of thermal stress fractures, to the laminate inner pane of the glass. This can sometimes occur, when there is a significant difference in temperature across a pane of glass and will typically occur at the weakest point. Thermal stress fractures assume a ‘wavy’ break appearance that will typically run across a piece of glass.

The likelihood of thermal stress fractures occurring is increased in situations when glass is partially shaded, for example, internal roller blinds and or in instances where manifestations are adhered to the face of glass, which can be quite common in retail environments.

The glass units measured approximately 2,700mm x 1,500mm and had weights exceeding 182Kg, which necessitated the use of heavy lifting and access equipment.

Our customer was delighted with the quality of our service and scored our teams 3 out of 3!