Maintenance spotlight: 5 things to expect from a commercial glazing maintenance survey

Maintenance spotlight: 5 things to expect from a commercial glazing maintenance survey

You may have heard on the grapevine that commercial glazing maintenance is highly important for your business – but why?

It actually all stems from the old adage that ‘prevention is better than the cure,’ and when it comes to glazing, this is in both financial and safety-related terms. Keeping up to and prolonging the life of your firm’s glazing assets is crucial for businesses wanting to avoid a bottom-line battering with having to fund a costly replacement.

It’s that simple really, and our expert engineers visit organisations of all sizes and sectors across the country, to maximise the lifespan of their glazing installations. So, if you’re leaning towards giving the Dortech Maintenance team a call to arrange a bespoke glazing survey, here’s a little insight into how the process works…


Step 1 – Conducting a site survey

Once you’ve called or emailed the Dortech Maintenance office, your case will be assigned to our team of expert maintenance engineers.

At a day and time convenient for you, they will then visit your location and carry out a free site survey. Essentially, this gives our technicians the time to look around the premises and investigate any issues and photograph the problem areas. They perform a comprehensive audit of your glazing components, while also inspecting vents, drainage channels and locking mechanisms – to name just a few areas.

Step 2 – Collating our findings

From their findings, our engineers will collate a report and map out a service and maintenance plan – including a quote – for your approval. This will include a breakdown of the issues identified on site, as well as advice and recommendations on how to remedy them going forward.

However, if we notice an urgent problem, we’ll try to fix or temporarily repair the issue – if possible – on the day. But, if it’s a bigger job that we can’t solve there and then, we’ll advise on the best way to isolate the area until we can get the equipment and labour needed.

Step 3 – Identifying instant fixes

If you’re happy with the quote and wish to go ahead with us, our engineers will schedule and execute any possible remedial works that can be actioned immediately.

Getting your glazing components in better working order is important to the Dortech Maintenance team, as we know this gives your business peace of mind that issues are no longer being ignored and are receiving the attention they require.

Step 4 – Establishing ongoing maintenance

Other uncovered issues – without a quick fix – are then taken care of.

Our team will order the relevant parts, conduct a risk assessment and schedule a date in the diary for the work to take place. It may be that the job has to be carried out in the early hours or on a weekend – when your business is closed – so don’t worry, we’re on hand to provide any out-of-hours support, to ensure that your facility’s glazing assets are as safe and efficient as possible. And we always check that all components are working correctly before we go, so you’re not left with any nasty surprises.

Step 5 – Agreeing next-steps

Once the work has been successfully carried out, our engineers will liaise with you to agree a next-step service plan, and because all sites and requirements are different, determining the optimum frequency for your glazing maintenance will be adapted to your company’s requirements.

You’ll also receive some top technical tips that your colleagues can action along the way, to help keep everything in perfect working order and ensure maximum return on your glazing assets!

So, if you’re interested in receiving a free commercial glazing maintenance survey for your firm, please get in touch with our friendly team of maintenance experts!