Platinum Point, Edinburgh : November 2013

Dortech Maintenance received a call from a Mrs Finch, from an apartment block called Platinum Point in Edinburgh. A number of the buildings occupants had experienced significant issues relating to dysfunctional windows, doors and cold drafts. The building had been completed for 9 years and many of the issues whilst raised with the builder had largely been ignored. Mrs Finch expressed the occupants annoyance that no action had been taken by the builder and they had found it near impossible to find a company capable of coming to fix the issues they were faced with once and for all.

Dortech Maintenance sent its site engineers during November, who met with the building occupants and assessed the work to be carried out. The team worked through the day and night to install correct gaskets to windows, balance door leaves and vents correctly and install locking points that had never even been fitted. The residents were absolutely delighted with the outcome and the high quality glazing solutions Dortech Maintenance carried out at the site.

Customer feedback included the following:

Mrs. Finch: Your wonderful guys are a real pair of troopers. They started at 8am and I saw them leave at around 9.30pm having worked all the way through. Everyone they’ve met today has been full of praise about them. They are highly professional, but friendly, courteous and extremely personable. They are very considerate about working in the property. Most importantly, they clearly know what they’re doing, are knowledgeable about these window systems and their work is of an exceptionally high standard. Already in our flat, there is a marked improvement. For the first time in 9 years, we are draught-free. I can’t thank you and your brilliant team enough. The work that has been carried out so far will improve peoples’ quality of life (one chap gets so cold, he  has to get up at around 4-5am to walk around to get warm!).  It will also reduce our energy bills and thereby help us to reduce our impact on the environment. Extremely happy customers all round.

Mr. Kerr: Your guys have just left my flat and I just wanted to say what a fantastic job they did – I can tell the difference already.  Two doors which have always been a nightmare to open and close requiring two hands and a lot of pressure can now be done using only one hand and with no effort at all. The bedroom windows have also become so much easier to operate. Two of the three doors which you could always feel drafts now appear to be draft free. So, thank you so much and well done to two very professional workmen.

Mr. Gillon: Just a word to say how pleased I am with the work done by Steve and Dean.  Both very hard attentive workers and no mess. What a difference to the warmth of my apartment.