Dortech Maintenance Ltd Brings Life Back to Sliding Door at Budenberg Regeneration Project: A Satisfied Customer’s Story

Dortech Maintenance Ltd recently completed a sliding door repair at Budenberg, a regeneration project by Urban Splash. The job was a success, leaving the end user, Philippa, very happy with the result.

Six months prior to the repair, Philippa contacted Dortech regarding a damaged sliding door. After a frustrating experience with the building owner, she finally received an image of the required part and working with Dortech Maintenance managed to identify the required replacement parts for her door. Dortech put her in touch with one of our top engineers, Richard to start the process of getting the door fixed.

To assure our customer, Richard spent a lot of time explaining how he would approach the complexity of the job, which could range from a refit of runners to a potential refit of the whole door system. To suit our customers availability, we subsequently scheduled the work in the spring.

On the day of the repair, our four-man team brought their A game and they made removing the door look easy.  The team cleaned the decking thoroughly, replaced the runners, oiled the locks, and swept and removed debris with great attention to detail. The door now opens and closes as smoothly as when it was first installed, resulting in a successful outcome.

Philippa was delighted with the outcome, stating, “The door opens and closes so smoothly, what a successful result all that hard work has paid off. Richard instilled confidence in me from the beginning this collaboration would bring about a positive outcome and it has. I look forward to working with him [Richard] again on a replacement window in my apt in Salford.”

Dortech Maintenance Ltd takes pride in providing excellent service and achieving customer satisfaction. We’re pleased to have delivered a successful repair for Philippa and look forward to working with her again in the future.

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