What does turnkey commercial glazing maintenance actually mean?

What does turnkey commercial glazing maintenance actually mean?

If your business requires cleaning and maintenance of its commercial glazing assets – such as aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling – what does this process involve?

For many organisations, maintenance can seem like a daunting exercise, and it’s often pushed aside and forgotten about for this very reason. Yet while no one company is the same in terms of its architectural requirements, there are some logical steps all projects follow – which our maintenance engineers have broken down below.

These four super simple phases help to help give you the confidence and insight into what a turnkey solution really entails so that you know what to expect when working with Dortech!

1 – Free site survey

Our experienced maintenance professionals will visit your premises and carry out a comprehensive audit of your glazing installs, to assess their quality and safety. This includes the inspection of vents, drainage channels and locking mechanisms, as well as glass panels and the installation and operational efficiencies of units. We travel the length and breadth of the country to support clients with this process.

2 – Report creation

Once our glazing maintenance specialists have taken a look at your site, it’s back to the office to compile a breakdown of their findings. Any cracks, breakages, faulty locks, rotting frames, draughts or damp patches will have been identified and documented, so we can map out the required programme of works – which we then send to you for authorisation.

3 – Plan of action

If you’re happy with the quote and the recommended scheme of work, we’ll work together to agree on a timescale of getting everything back to optimum condition. If, from our report, we identified any problem areas which were beyond being maintained or refurbished – due to corrosion from water ingress, non-rectifiable levels of air leakage or a safety issue, for example – we may need to involve our sister company, Dortech Architectural Systems, to carry out the design, manufacture and installation of replacement units.

If this is the case, drawings of the installation will be sent to you so that you can feed back any adjustments to our in-house team. Once approved, the agreed parts will be scheduled for production.

The great thing is that we manage this turnkey exercise from end-to-end, so you’re always dealing with the same people!

Depending on the scale and location of the job, our structural engineers can also coordinate any required road closures, the sourcing of access equipment, and installation of noise or dust barriers, to minimise disruption in the area.

4 – Maintenance agenda

From specialist glass cleaning to mechanical inspections, we’ll establish a servicing calendar – at times convenient for you – to carry out the ongoing work. Having a Planned Preventative Maintenance strategy in place will help reduce the need for reactive maintenance – which keeps costs and disruption to a minimum.

When looking at the importance of maintenance, it’s true that most people wouldn’t think twice about having their car serviced – it’s a necessity – so why are windows and doors often forgotten about? It’s crucial to remember that, like a car, they have many moving parts and also require regular upkeep, to enhance their longevity, performance and security.

To find out more about our commercial glazing maintenance services, take a look on our website or contact a member of the team!