Façade and glazing maintenance in education during COVID-19

Façade and glazing maintenance in education during COVID-19

Façade and glazing maintenance in education during COVID-19

There’s nothing ‘normal’ about the situation the world is in at the moment, however, for some industries – such as healthcare, food retail and emergency repair services – it’s all about trying to maintain business as usual.

Even in times of difficulty, these sectors are vital in keeping the nation going – for the safety, security and health of the population.

Here at Dortech Maintenance, we’re still responding to emergency glazing and façade-related problems for businesses across the private and public sectors – including hospitals, educational establishments, sports centres, hotels and high-rise buildings. Issues with windows and doors can happen at any time, and their severity needs assessing and remedying as soon as possible.

Additionally, carrying out fire safety surveys of existing facades also plays a crucial role within building safety, to ensure people are kept safe at all times.

What does the current situation mean for education?

Whether concerning schools, colleges or universities, façade/glazing maintenance repairs and replacements are an important part of the facilities management mix – and continue to require expert assistance.

And with education sites currently closed – and pupils being home-schooled – the empty campuses are perfect for maintenance teams to carry out any vital works. This could include replacing damaged windows, restoring broken seals or fixing malfunctioning door mechanisms.

There’s no doubting the construction sector is being hit hard by the Coronavirus, but where work can carry on safely, it’s important that it does. This isn’t just to ensure the safety of a building from potential break-ins, but also for the people who are still attending the premises on a regular basis – e.g. caretakers.

Our team has carried our various education projects across the length and breadth of the country – for institutions such as Copley Primary School, Burnley College and Vita Student Glasgow – and we’ve collated some of them in our education project brochure.

This free resource explores the financial, environmental and safety benefits of regular servicing and what the maintenance landscape currently looks like in the education sector.

What safety measures are we taking?

Of course, our engineers are working in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the Construction Leadership Council. But there’s another valuable piece to the puzzle which is enabling us to carry out jobs with as few people as possible – and that’s drones.

You may have read that, at the start of the year, we invested in drone technology and licences to train the team as pilots. Yet, while no one could have foreseen these circumstances, this is allowing us to continue carrying out building surveys and heat map modelling rapidly, without any disruption.

And, in the case of larger structures, it is no longer necessary to enlist the help of mobile elevated work platforms.

While we hope that everything returns to some normality soon, we want all our past, present and future customers to know that we’re here to help during these difficult times.

If you have any commercial glazing issues requiring attention, please get in touch with our friendly team. We may be working remotely, but we’re always on hand for a chat – 01484 451177.